Max w/SHARP (Tweed, Ontario)

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Hi there, my name is Max and I am 2 years old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

I am here because when I find food or resources that aren’t mine, like things on the counter or ground, I growl and guard them. I also do not like being told no. I need a forever human that knows how to deal with resource guarding. I am making great progress in this department so it shouldn’t take my new people long to teach me.

That being said, I am a very loving dog with humans. I am house trained but I am not crate trained. I am dog friendly with some larger dogs but I can be dominant with my dog friends, so a non-dog home is best for me. I pull on leash. I know how to sit and must do so before I am fed. I love to play tug! I will tug with toys, or your clothing. I act like a puppy and need someone to shape me into the promising dog I am!

Please no cats or small dogs around me! Please no children due to my resource guarding. I also sometimes don’t like my collar being touched and will let you know about it. I do door barge, so it is absolutely crucial to keep me on a leash indoors and out until this behaviour is trained out of me, or keep me behind a closed door if the front door is going to be opened for guests or when groceries come in. I don’t want to end up being lost if I bolt! I can be a bit vocal when left alone, so should not be in an apartment or condo-type setting in order to keep peace with the neighbours. I can run all day in a fenced yard.

  • Located in Tweed, ON
  • In foster – needs foster or adopter
  • Looking for a home since December 2017

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