Crossed the 🌈 Bridge: Mar. 31, 2023

Another devastating day in rescue. Beloved Mama Rosé went in to get spayed yesterday, we opted for a pre-anesthetic blood panel to ensure her health before surgery. Her reports came back that she was anaemic, upon further testing we found she had an auto immune disease and would need high dose steroids to treat.

Her foster family took her home to start her on the path of recovery. This morning Rosé presented with a hacking gag. At first believed to be a response to excessive water intake her family kept an eye. A short time later she vomited some blood and we knew this was serious. We rushed her to emergency and got some horrible news. Rosé’s lungs were filling with blood and her platelet count was 0. This disease was progressing much faster than anticipated.

After discussing all her options which were grim at best, we made the awful decision to let her go. Be free Mama Rosé, take care of dear Pinot on the other side.

Crossed the 🌈 Bridge: Mar. 25, 2023

Pinot came to us seven weeks ago. It wasnt very long before we saw that he was a little different than his siblings. As those differences became bigger his foster home sprang into gear to give this baby everything he needed to have the best life and never miss out due to his size.

Over this past week Pinot started to experience some health problems including seizures. After looking into options for a baby his size we were facing more questions than answers. Today Pinot had a series of seizures that took a toll we could not make him pay and had to make the incredibly difficult decision to end his suffering.

Crossed the 🌈 Bridge: Feb. 6, 2023

A week ago we were excited to meet some cute and cuddly new faces. We were on our way to meet another rescue who was transferring us 6 beautiful babies of different ages.

Lucky stood out right away with her plushy soft coat and cute stand up ears. Her foster home was quick to regale us with stories of her playful antics with the resident dogs.

That week one of the transfer puppies fell ill. After a quick vet consult we were hopeful of a passing gastroenteritis. Unfortunately Lucky started to show symptoms a few days later and hers were much more severe.

After arriving at the emergency vet we found out Lucky was parvo positive. A devastating illness that attacks the bone marrow, potentially fatal for young or unvaccinated dogs. The disease progressed quickly and in the early hours of the morning Lucky lost her battle.

While our time was short together, we loved her and she will never be forgotten