Tessa w/SHARP (Tweed, Ontario)

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Hi everyone my name is Tessa. Don’t let my older age fool you – I still have lots of energy to burn and I’ll keep you running around with me and on your toes. As you can see, that also includes brushing and grooming me!

I am a lot of fun, however very unpredictable. Please, please do not ever touch my collar area! Please don’t pester me while I am eating/having a treat. Please muzzle me for grooming as it really annoys me. I am easily adaptable and quiet for the most part and recently lived in an apartment successfully for a brief period of time.

Even though I am 11½ years old, I beg you to keep up with me on walks! I pull on the leash so it is up to you to keep me in control and reined in. I know how to sit. I am OK with larger and quieter dogs but I do not like smaller dogs. I am too unpredictable and sensitive to handling for children and have bitten them multiple times when they tried to catch me by my collar.

My favourite toys are balls. I can play by myself with a ball for hours, but I also like playing ball with humans too. Tennis balls don’t last me long, but hard rubber balls do well. They don’t even need to squeak or make noise, but it’s definitely a bonus if they do!

I am house trained, but can piddle due to spay incontinence. I am crate trained, but only to the side door of a double door wire crate. There is just something about going in the end door of a crate that I don’t like. I am also non-destructive when left loose all day.

I am spayed and microchipped. I am house trained. I am located in Tweed, ON. In lieu of an adoption fee, a donation towards my care is greatly appreciated.

  • Located in Tweed, ON
  • In foster – needs foster or adopter
  • Looking for a home since August 2017

SHARP Adoption/Foster Application

or email perunsiberians@hotmail.com