Spike w/SHARP (Tweed, Ontario)

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My name is Spike and I am in need of an experienced adopter. I am a project dog. I have never been given rules or restraint, so when I’m around food or toys I tend to protect and can bite. I know some basic commands like sit and paw. I pull on leash.

I can also be very vocal if left alone at first, but I do quiet down after a week or so once I am settled. I am good in a crate and love to travel in a car. I am food aggressive and resource possessive with humans and other dogs. I’ve been improving with my fosters and can now eat my food while being pet and respect their rules. Please do not reach for my food when I am eating, or reach for me while I am eating. I cannot be fed in a crate or anywhere confined, or I will guard all of it. I am best fed in the wide open, and tethered to an object so that if I decide you’re too close, you can get away safely.

I eat my dinner very quickly, however my kibble diet isn’t agreeing with my stomach here that much, so I think I need grain free food. I have been outdoors my whole life, so would prefer an outdoor or indoor/outdoor home. Please no apartments, condos. etc.

While I am adjusting to my new temporary life, I am very cautious and nervous of female humans and act fearful but no one knows why that is. I seem to be OK with human males and show more affection towards them. I do love being with other dogs, both big and medium and being affectionate with that person who I choose to trust. Please no kids due to my guarding. Please no cats!

I will be placed on a strict non-breeding contract and neuter contract. I am microchipped and up to date on vaccines.

  • Located in Tweed, ON
  • In foster – needs foster or adopter
  • Looking for a home since November 2017

SHARP Adoption/Foster Application

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